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Let me show you London and UK the way YOU want it!


It's my favourite!We are leaving to see the misterious Britain... I bet you've never thought why we put a horseshoe above your door? On the way back I'll take you to see a lovely English town called Salisbury with one of Europe's tallest church. I'll show you one of three surviving originals of Magna Carta, that gave beginning to many world's democracies, including American Declaration of Independance!



Having solved the mistery of hanging stones, we'll visit the charming town of Roman Baths. Jane Austen hated it but you'll love it because of its charming architecture and newly opened Spa!Take a swimsuit with you!


The more I study, the less I know. The less I know the more I learn! So why studying? In fact, Oxford is a unique place where people learn about life receiving a brilliant world-class education! And it's full of traditions! In the afternoon we'll go to Stratford where Shakespeare was born. Lots of thatched houses...


Want to see a bit of England in a half day? Let's go to say "hello" to the Queen! Queen's Castle is a real working residence of Her Majesty! She loves spending weekends there. So... prepare to be amazed!

  Hampton Court&Windsor(8hrs)

Once we've greeted Her Majesty, we'll head towards Hampton Court, the palace where King Henry VIII honeymooned with all of his 6 wives. We'll see his appartments and wonderful medieval kitchens.

  Just Hampton Court(8 hrs)

Best to be done in summer! We'll visit Henry VIII appartments and the kitchens. Then we'll see residence of William of Orange, big friend of Russian Tsar Peter the Great. And of course... the precious gardens and we'll get lost in the amazing maze!

  Greenwich (5 hrs)

After a short cruise of the river Thames, we'll arrive to Greenwich. We'll see the site of former royal palace with splendid buildings of the Royal Naval College, and then the Royal Observatory and Prime Meridian, of course!


Hotel pick up included if requiered. Other tours of London and UK available at request. Please get in touch with me for more information.

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