Horror London … Jack the Ripper Walk and more

This walk is not for the faint hearted... Would you follow in the footsteps of one of the most misterious serial killers of Britain’s history?

Saturday morning at Borough Market neat London Bridge, London

This walk takes you on the darkest side of London… in 1888 when summer started turning into fall 5 brutal murders shook london’s Poorest area Whitechapel. Women were brutally murdered and mutilated. Some people called him Leather Apron but he came into the history of British crime as Jack the Ripper…

We will meet outside Tower of London tube station ( or your hotel if you prefer) and I will take you through the former London slums now populated by banks and insurance companies… once we have followed the murderor’s route we will try to see who Jack the Ripper really was and… why not continue with this topic. I will take you to visit the infamous Clink Prison, we will talk about crime and punishment to end our tour at London’s most famous food market Borough Market.

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