Combination lock masterclass 😄

I bet you have seen ( and bought) those fiddly little things... you hope to have a wonderful day and hope your luggage will be safe! You get it! You start reading the instructions and.... this is where the 😨Factor starts!!! How do I get it to work???? Once I have changed it how to put it back??? Do not worry... enjoy your trip to London with London UK Tours I will show you how to handle it 😉

First of all:

1. Make sure your code is set to 000

2. Then lift the silver metal thing ( its quite easy)

3. Next step turn it anti-clockwise to 90 degrees ( this is where you math staff from school comes in handy 😄) What is a 90 degrees angle??? Very easy just look at my middle picture

4. Ok you have done it! Next press this silver thing down! And turn it another fraction ( 90 degrees) hopefully you have learn it from number 3👍

5. Then the most interesting bit: be creative! Make up your own secret code. It can be your granny’s birthday 🎉 or maybe the day you first met your boss!!!😱

6. Then just keep turning it CLOCKWISE until it locks! ( do not press it)

7. Mess up the numbers so its fiddly for the luggage thief to get in!

And… Voila! And if you have any problems just call or what’s app  London U.K. Tours 0044 7791262102 😄😉

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