100 years of women rule

This year we celebrate 100 years from the day women got the right to vote. Let me introduce you to the National portrait gallery and it’s sufragette exhibition ...

We all take our right to vote for granted but do you realise it has not always been like this. Until 1833 only wealthy male people could vote. But everyone was doing military service. You could die for your country but you did not even have the right to vote for Parliament.

in 1833 the great reform bill was passed. All male part was of the population over 21 received the right to vote. But women were still excluded.

Women started their fight to get their equal rights soon after that bill.

they were called suffragettes and they were doing all kind of crazy things. They were wearing violet, green and white. Violet for vote, green for the colour of hope and white of course for women!

Christabel Pankhurst was one of them. I stand in owe in front of her picture ready to introduce you to this amazing woman.



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